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Stat of the Day: Reach out and hit somebody

While the result of today's game may look familiar, it featured one thing we haven't seen in a long time.

Jeff Curry

Yovani Gallardo's strong day unraveled a bit in the sixth inning, when he allowed five Cardinals to reach. The second of those five was Matt Carpenter and he was awarded first base on a pretty rare event: A Yovani Gallardo hit batsman.

Entering today's contest Gallardo had gone 63 consecutive starts without hitting an opposing batter, a streak that dated all the way back to April of 2011. That was the third-longest streak in franchise history:

Pitcher Start Date End Date Starts
Moose Haas May 21, 1977 September 27, 1980 90
Moose Haas May 31, 1983 September 26, 1985 73
Yovani Gallardo April 27, 2011 Today 63

Since the start of that streak, 22 other Brewer pitchers have hit at least one batter. Randy Wolf led the way with 19 over that stretch, followed by Kameron Loe with five. Counting his time as an Oriole in 2012, Wolf hit 20 batters in the stretch between Gallardo's plunkings.