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BREAKING: Yovani Gallardo arrested Tuesday morning for DUI

ESPN Wisconsin says he was pulled over at 2:10 am, and had a .22 blood-alcohol level.

Tom Lynn

Yovani Gallardo was arrested early this morning for driving drunk, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department (via ESPN Wisconsin). Gallardo was pulled over on I-94 near Miller Park at 2:10 am for "driving slowly and deviating lanes." His blood-alcohol level was .22, as compared to the legal limit of .08.

Gallardo has no previous criminal record, so he will not face jail time for this incident. He'll get fines for $300 for OWI, an additional $300 for the level of intoxication and $178.80 for lane deviation. A first offense also carries a 6-9 month license suspension, alcohol awareness classes and ignition interlock (a required puff into a Breathalyzer to start the car) for a year, according to resident lawyer Rubie Q. At the ESPN Wisconsin story linked above, Drew Olson says Gallardo is believed to be the first active Brewer arrested for drunk driving since John Jaha in 1998.

Gallardo is scheduled to start Thursday when the Brewers host the Giants at Miller Park. He last pitched against the Cardinals on Saturday, and has posted a 6.61 ERA in his first three starts for the Brewers this season.

Updated at 11:30 am cst

Here's the Brewers statement:

“We have been made aware of the situation with Yovani and we take this matter very seriously. We have expressed our disappointment to him and know he understands that behavior of this nature is of great concern to everyone in the organization. Yovani has acknowledged the seriousness of this incident and is taking full accountability for his actions.”

Haudricourt is reporting that Gallardo cannot be suspended but must be evaluated by a treatment board. Also that Gallardo may be able to be fined for missing curfew, which is considered breaking team rules. Haudricourt believes team curfew to be 2 am.

(h/t MLB Daily Dish)