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Brewers sweep Giants 7-2

The Brewers have...what...a winning streak?

Tom Lynn

W: Yovani Gallardo (1-1)
L: Matt Cain (0-2)

HR: Ryan Braun (3), Yovani Gallardo (1), Jonathan Lucroy (2); Brandon Crawford (3)

box score / win expectancy graph

Matt Cain was not being his normal self today, surrendering 7 runs on 3 home runs. Ryan Braun first blasted one out in the 1st with Jean Segura aboard. Yovani Gallardo followed that up in the 2nd with a 3-run homer, and Jonathan Lucroy hit another 2-run shot in the 3rd. Cain calmed down after that and only gave up 1 more hit in his remaining innings. Khris Davis hit a double off of Javier Lopez, but nothing came out of that.

Brewers pitching was on its top game today for the most part. Gallardo lasted 6 innings and threw 92 pitches, striking out 6. Michael Gonzalez pitched an entire inning allowing only one baserunner. John Axford pitched a great 8th inning, striking out 2 and allowing no baserunners. Alfredo Figaro was sighted in the 9th inning. Unfortunately he was sighted giving up a home run to Brandon Crawford.