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CANCELLED Milwaukee Meetup: Saturday, April 13 - "42" Viewing and Game Watching

We'll watch the movie then talk it over while watching the Brewers play the Cardinals

Mike Stobe

Hey folks, I know at least one of you bought a ticket and that makes me feel like a bad person, so I hope you can get a refund or exchange or something, but only two of your RSVP'd and that's just really not enough for Kyle to drive down from Appleton.

So we're going to go ahead and cancel this one and we'll try again for another meetup later in the season.

So the movie will be playing at 1:10 at the AMC Theater at Mayfair Mall. The Brewers play at 3:15 in St. Louis, so we'll decamp to the Buffalo Wild Wings across the street to talk about the movie, Kyle Lohse, the bullpen, Kyle's first week as an elected official and so much more. Also to drink beer.

You're on your own for movie ticket buying and the movie comes out the night before, so don't be surprised if it's busy. The movie was previewed for media the past few days and I've heard nothing but positive things, which makes me very happy.

So join us. Or don't. Whatever floats your boat. If you plan to come along, let us know if the comments so we know who to look for.