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LAST CALL: Buy your tickets for Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party 3

Today is the last day to get tickets for the hottest tailgate party of the summer.

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If you've been reading the Frosty Mug lately, you've probably seen me promote Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party 3, their (mostly) annual tailgate scheduled for June 23. Today I'm moving the promotion out to its own stand-alone post, because today is the last day to sign up. This year Vince is funding the event via Indiegogo, and as of this writing he's still about $100 short of his budget with a few hours remaining.

Normally I won't devote space on the BCB front page to promoting another site's event, but I'm making an exception in this case because I hate planning my own events and this gives me an excuse not to Vince does the best job of anyone I've seen of planning an executing a massive tailgate. I was literally the first person to buy tickets to this year's event.

As you might have guessed from the fact that a site called "Miller Park Drunk" is involved, there will be beer here. A lot of it, actually. There's also typically a pretty awesome selection of food. But even if you're not drinking (spoiler alert: I may not be drinking) or eating (I will be eating), this is a great opportunity to come out and meet a lot of great Brewer fans and writers, including some people you may be familiar with. This year's guest list includes:

  • Vince and Tyler from Miller Park Drunk (don't let them scare you away)
  • Hangwith'em Rach, Nathan Petrashek, Nicole and I from BCB, along with several commenters.
  • Jack Moore of "I write everywhere on the internet" fame.

So clear your calendar, buy your ticket and plan to join us for Miller Park Drunk's Pants Party 3. I suspect you'll be glad you did.