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Brewers lose game 7-1, series to Pirates

This is not the way things are supposed to work!


W: Francisco Liriano (2-0)
L: Hiram Burgos (1-2)

HR: Travis Snider (1)

MVP: Yuniesky Betancourt (.035 WPA)
LVP: Hiram Burgos (-.202 WPA)

win expectancy graph / box score

Not much you can say about this one, folks. The Brewers got an early jump on Francisco Liriano, scoring a run in the first inning, but that's all they got as things quickly dissolved for them. All it really took was a two-run home run by Travis Snider to put the Pirates into the lead which they did not relinquish. Hiram Burgos would have been charged with the loss regardless of what happened later, but Alfredo Figaro's troubles in the 6th inning--aided by an untimely Jean Segura error--did not help matters.

Liriano appears to be back in business. He struck out 7 but came out in the 6th after 98 pitches. The Pirates bullpen appears to be functioning normally, even with the pitchers who only get used in blowouts. I'm envious.

At least Burgos got his first major league hit.