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Brewers 1, Cardinals 10: Don't read this, you have better things to do

You have better things to do. Do them. This isn't worth it.

Scott Boehm

It's a beautiful day outside. It's one of the first beautiful days outside.

I'm sitting outside of the Memorial Union, sitting on my beloved terrace, having a beer. You should do that, too. Or have one out on the porch if you're not near Madison.

The lawn is looking scraggly. Don't you think it's a great day to go mow it?

Or, hey, it's a fantastic Sunday. Go buy some brats and light up the grill. Make some potato salad and spend some time with the family. Go play catch with your kid. Go spend some quality time with your wife or girlfriend or husband or boyfriend.

You've been meaning to till that garden, haven't you? Go do that. Hard work will certainly bring about some of the most wonderful fruits and vegetables you've ever grown.

That book that you bought a while ago but haven't gotten around to is still sitting on the shelf. Go hang the hammock, kick up your boots, and start on chapter one.

Go do something.

Just don't look up any recaps of the Brewers game today. That's not going to bring any good feelings out.