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Vegas climbs on the "Carlos Gomez for MVP" bandwagon

Bovada has him at 12:1 odds to win the award today after being off the board a month ago.

Mike McGinnis

Through 29 games in 2013 Carlos Gomez has the NL's best batting average, and Las Vegas appears to be acknowledging the possibility that rapid improvement could be for real.

In an email this morning Bovada gave Gomez 12:1 odds to win the 2013 NL MVP. That means he's tied with several others as the seventh most likely candidate to win the award:

Player Team Odds
Justin Upton Braves 9:2
Bryce Harper Nationals 11:2
Troy Tulowitzki Rockies 15:2
Buster Posey Giants 10:1
Joey Votto Reds 10:1
Ryan Braun Brewers 10:1
Gomez and four others Various 12:1

Gomez was not among the top 30 candidates when Bovada last released these odds on March 20. Ryan Braun was on that list at 9:1, so he's been downgraded very slightly. Rickie Weeks and Aramis Ramirez were both on the 3/20 list at 33 and 25:1, respectively, but neither appear on the new list.

Elsewhere in downgrades, back in March Yovani Gallardo was given 25:1 odds to win the NL Cy Young. He's no longer listed among the 15 most likely candidates.