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PRODUCT REVIEWS: The new art in my office is awesome.

If a cool piece of Brewer-themed art is just the Fathers Day gift you've been looking for, I have a couple I've been meaning to recommend for a while now.

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Here's a problem we may share: I'm pretty bad at (and don't have a lot of interest in) decorating. I've been writing the Frosty Mug from the same desk in my home office since moving to Appleton in 2009, and for almost all of that time I've been staring at the same blank walls.

This spring I decided to work on that, though, picking up some Brewer-themed art for inspiration in my creative space. I've actually been meaning to show you the results of that effort for quite some time.

First, back in April, City Prints was kind enough to send me a review copy of their ballpark map art from Miller Park. It's a nice conversation piece for any Brewer fan, showing a love of the team and ballpark without being overstated or glaring. Their 12x12 print runs $40 and you'll have to frame it yourself (or pay $50 more to have it framed), but I've got it hanging right inside my office door where I see it on my way to my desk every morning and I love having it there.


Miller Park, via

If you like the Miller Park City Print and you're looking for more like it, they've made all kinds of unique prints featuring your favorite current and historic stadiums, cities and more. If your space has more of an "all sports" feel, you could put your Miller Park next to a Camp Randall Stadium and a Lambeau Field.

Around the same time, long time friend of the site Jess Lemont of The Brewers Bar unveiled her drawing of "Racing Sausages Beneath a Waxing Gibbous," which kind of made my day. It's available as a framed print through her Society6 store, where a 10x10 framed print sells for $35 including the frame.


"Racing Sausages Beneath a Waxing Gibbous," via

These two pieces of art are certainly different, but I've got "Racing Sausages" hanging above my desk and it makes me smile every time I look up at it. It's also a perfect opportunity to remember our recently concluded long winter, as the sausages are shown running through what appears to be deep snow in late March.

Again, you can get the Miller Park print via City Prints and the Racing Sausages print via Society6. If a piece of Brewer-themed art is what you're looking for, just going ahead and buying both might be your best decision.