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Hear Kyle @ 2 today on The Home Stretch (Appleton)

Joey D is in for Justin Hull today, but we'll still spend an hour answering your Brewer questions.

Patrick Smith

Today's rain may have dampened my clothes, but nothing can dampen my enthusiasm for talking Brewers on my weekly appearance on The Home Stretch on 95.3 WSCO in Appleton at 2 pm today.

Joey D is in for Justin Hull today, but I'll still be in studio for most of an hour taking your questions and talking Brewers with you via the following means:

  • Call us at (866)653-1570.
  • Tweet your questions to me at @BrewCrewBall.
  • Post them as a comment on this post and I'll try to check it while we're on.

There's unlikely to be an archived version of today's show, so listen in live or you'll miss it.