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Vegas: Ron Roenicke third most likely to be fired

Bovada gives him a 5:1 shot at being the first manager fired this season.

David Becker

A few hours ago I received an email from Bovada with updates on some of their 2013 proposition bets. Several Brewers are mentioned, but this number jumped off the page at me: Ron Roenicke, at 5:1 odds, is now the third most likely to be the first manager fired in 2013.

Roenicke was the fourth most likely to be the first to go on April 17, when Bovada last released these numbers. At that point he was behind Charlie Manuel of the Phillies, Bud Black of the Padres and Ron Gardenhire of the Twins. Now he's behind Don Mattingly of the Dodgers (7:4) and Mike Scioscia of the Angels (9:4). Ned Yost, by the way, is tied for seventh on this list at 12:1.

Elsewhere in updated odds:

  • The Brewers' chances of winning the division, pennant and World Series are down to 100:1, 125:1 and 250:1. At last check in April they were at 18, 40 and 100:1 for the same bets, respectively.
  • Jean Segura is currently listed as the most likely Brewer to be NL MVP, and he's tied for fifth most likely overall at 10:1. Elsewhere in the top 21 we find fellow Brewers Ryan Braun (15:1) and Carlos Gomez (18:1).