The decline of Brewers blogs

It seems to be an especially weak group this year. In years past, sites like rightfieldbleachers, chuckiehacks, millerparkdrunk, peeyourpantsforthebrewers, roenicke's baseballwhateverthehell, and this site have been pretty solid as far as giving recaps and analysis of how the team is doing. But in this year and in last year, brew crew ball has really fallen off. Now it is a series of countdowns, meaningless links to videos I don't (and you shouldn't) care about, and birthdays that were already covered last year. I don't care when Darrell Hamilton's birthday is, and neither should you.

I don't mean this as an attack on the site, but for an example of a good site, look at the Bucks (yes, the Bucks) SB nation site. They have actual articles with opinions, ideas, and a total lack of the pointlessness that populates the great majority of the blog posts on here. I can't be the only one who feels this way. I just want to read good stuff about the Brewers, and a little criticism can only make the site better. Why settle for something bad when it could be better? An article on one day that Kevin Reimer wasn't terrible? Come on, we are better than this.