Fun with maps: How the Brewers' pitchers got here

I've been playing around with Google's new Maps Engine Lite tool lately, and trying out some baseball-related mapping ideas. (I did a map earlier that identifies the farthest places in each state from a professional baseball team.) I thought it'd be fun to map out the routes that each Brewer took through professional baseball to get to the team.

So here's a couple of maps I put together, one for the starters and one for the bullpen. You can click on each pitcher's route for a list of what teams they were a part of and when, and you can click on each point on the map to find out what team it is. I included every minor-league team they played for (including rehab assignments), as well as the school or town they were drafted/signed from.

These maps would be 1000% cooler if I could put each player's map on its own layer so you could isolate each route, but unfortunately, Maps Engine Lite is in beta and only allows 3 layers, so I created layers for home-grown players (since their routes are going to be largely similar) and for imports.

Update: They would also be 1000% cooler if I could actually embed them, but apparently Google Maps' iFrames don't play well with SB Nation's CMS. If anyone has any ideas for ways to get these maps to embed without iFrames, I'm all ears. Until then, the links will have to suffice.

Here's the starting pitching map. As you might expect, the most circuitous route belongs to Kyle Lohse.

And here's the bullpen map, which, as you can see, turned into a bit more of a mess (thanks, Mike Gonzalez!). This is where more layers would have been nice, but since I couldn't do that, I made the lines thinner to make it a little less messy. One thing I found out that I didn't know: Apparently Wily Peralta and Alfredo Figaro are from the same town in the Dominican Republic. Cool. The map's way zoomed out thanks to Japan and Venezuela being included.

I'll be putting together maps for the batters over the next couple of days, so hopefully I'll have another of these posts up by the end of the break.