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Brewers inconsequential as NL shut out in All Star Game

If you watched soccer instead tonight, you didn't miss much.


W: Chris Sale
L: Patrick Corbin
S: Joe Nathan

HR: None

MVP: Matt Harvey (+.094 WPA)
LVP: Patrick Corbin (-.090)

Win Expectancy Graph
Box Score

The Midsummer Classic wasn't much of a classic this year. The National League All Stars managed just three hits, none of which came from a Brewer, in a 3-0 loss. Jean Segura grounded out in his only at bat against Mariano Rivera in the eighth, and two batters later Carlos Gomez followed suit.

There wasn't much playing time available for substitutes tonight as most of the NL starters played into the fifth or sixth innings. Segura entered the game as a defensive replacement for starter Troy Tulowitzki in the sixth, and Gomez replaced Bryce Harper in right field in the seventh.

The decision to play Gomez out of position prompted me to write one of the most retweeted things I've ever said:

The Brewers did have a couple of nice defensive moments tonight: Jean Segura started a 6-4-3 double play in the seventh and another one of the 6-3 variety in the eighth. Gomez also fielded a couple of hits in right in the eighth, and missed on a diving attempt that led to a Prince Fielder triple in the ninth.

All told, "not having homefield advantage" is unlikely to be the primary reason why the Brewers fail to win the World Series this season.

Real baseball resumes on Friday.