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Wednesday's Frosty Mug: Cue the second half!

We're looking ahead to the return of baseball in today's roundup of all things Brewers.

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Some things to read while getting to be on TV.

Today we lead with our Tweet of the Day:

The Brewer representatives were largely bystanders in the NL's 3-0 loss in the 2013 All Star Game. We've got the recap, if you missed it. Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez each grounded out against Mariano Rivera in the eighth inning and, while Segura did start a couple of double plays, the single most notable Brewer contribution might have been Carlos Gomez's missed diving attempt that led to a Prince Fielder triple.

Other notes from the field:

Even with that extra $50,000 paid out, Carlos Gomez's new contract is really looking like a bargain. Dave Cameron of FanGraphs has Gomez 33rd on his updated trade value rankings, and credited Doug Melvin with "the best decision of the year." Matt Hunter of Beyond the Box Score has him fifth in the race for NL MVP.

$50,000 can pay for a lot of travel. Cheeseandcorn went back to the maps for the position player installment of his look at how Brewer players reached Milwaukee.

Meanwhile, back in Milwaukee, the Brewers report that "just under 44,000" fans paid to see Paul McCartney perform at Miller Park last night (Twitter link). In a related note, I'm not sure my wife will ever forgive me for the fact that we were not among them. However, if early traffic reports were any indication, some of those people might still be there:

In the minors:

If you haven't yet, please take a moment today to vote in our BCB Tracking Poll. It will remain open through the day today and results will be posted tomorrow.

Around baseball:

Royals: Claimed infielder Pedro Ciriaco off waivers from the Padres.

All five NL Central teams were, of course, off yesterday. Here are today's standings, along with a look at each team's active leader in hits:

Team W L GB Active Hits Leader
Cardinals 57 36 -- Yadier Molina (1132, 22nd all time)
Pirates 56 37 1 Andrew McCutchen (733, 56th all time)
Reds 53 42 5 Brandon Phillips (1253, 16th all time)
Cubs 42 51 15 Alfonso Soriano (895, 37th all time)
Brewers 38 56 19.5 Ryan Braun (1155, seventh all time)

I've complained plenty about two Brewer representatives playing pretty limited roles in last night's All Star Game, but it's worth noting that it could have been much worse: Better than a dozen players on the two rosters didn't appear in last night's game at all, including catcher Jason Castro (the lone Astro), pitcher Travis Wood (the lone Cub) and shortstop Everth Cabrera (the lone Padre).

Meanwhile, despite baseball's assertion that it doesn't, the ongoing BioGenesis debacle continues to cast a dark cloud over everything else. After weeks of speculation that MLB would announce suspensions immediately after the All Star Game, yesterday the MLBPA raised the possibility that they won't actually be announced or served until after the appeals process, which could delay any actual punishments until September or 2014.

This could add to the ongoing delays: MLBPA union chief Michael Weiner's health is deteriorating pretty rapidly and the organization is expected to appoint a deputy director within the next couple of weeks. (h/t BBTF)

Today In Brewer History was off this morning, but we do still have several bits of history:

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to find a reason to stay home.

Drink up.