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Today's Matchup: Milwaukee (Lohse) vs San Diego (O'Sullivan)

With the trade deadline looming, Kyle Lohse could be pitching for the last time with the Brewers. Probably not, but he could be.


It's possible that this could be Kyle Lohse's (3.49 ERA, 4.30 FIP) last start with the Brewers, though for now it appears he is likely to remain with the team past the trade deadline. The Brewers asking price is rumored to be too high, so unless they come down a bit, we should see Lohse for at least the remainder of 2013.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, of course. The team needs someone to start games, and a number of injuries have already forced their Hand a bit with regards to the rotation. Lohse has also been the best starter the Brewers have had this year, Out of 19 unshortened-by-rain starts, he has 11 quality starts. Since the beginning of June, he has a 2.63 ERA and .625 opponent OPS. Lohse hasn't been quite as good as he was the last two years (mostly due to a much higher HR rate) but he's the best the Brewers have right now.

Lohse has faced four Padres hitters at least ten times. Here is how they have fared:

Player PA Line
Mark Kotsay 18 .056/.056/.056
Chase Headley 16 .267/.313/.400
Everth Cabrera 11 .111/.273/.111
Will Venable 10 .400/.400/.600

Sean O'Sullivan (6.43 ERA, 3.33 FIP) has been in the majors off and on since 2009, when he was just 21 years old and playing with the Angels. However, he's never been good enough to stick long term with a career ERA above 6.00 and his best season seeing him post a 5.49 ERA over 19 games, 14 of which were starts.

O'Sullivan has never really been fantastic in the minors, either, posting mediocre numbers and never standing out. He doesn't strike out a lot of people, he doesn't walk a lot of people, he gives up a bunch of hits, his fastball sits at about 89-90 MPH.

O'Sullivan may have advanced too quickly. He started pitching in Triple-A when he was just 21 years old, meaning he was fairly young. For all intents and purposes, he also skipped Double-A, making just three starts there over his career. O'Sullivan is still young (25-years-old) and can certainly get better, but both his major league and minor league numbers indicate he will remain a below average pitcher.

The only current Brewer O'Sullivan has ever faced is Yuniesky Betancourt, who has had two plate appearances against the pitcher with no hits or walks.


For your home Brewers:

Weeks 2B
Aoki RF
Segura SS
Lucroy C
Gomez CF
Francisco 1B
Betancourt 3B
Gindl LF
Lohse P

For the visiting Padres:

Cabrera SS
Headley 3B
Quentin LF
Alonso 1B
Gyorko 2B
Venable CF
Guzman RF
Hundley C
O'Sullivan P

In the bullpen:

  • Tyler Thornburg pitched 4 innings (79 pitches) yesterday and also pitched Monday.
  • Jim Henderson pitched one inning (14 pitches) yesterday.
  • Burke Badenhop pitched 1.1 innings (21 pitches) Monday.
  • Brandon Kintzler pitched one inning (10 pitches) Monday.
  • Tyler Thornburg pitched one inning (eight pitches) Monday.
  • John Axford pitched two innings (23 pitches) on Sunday.
  • Michael Gonzalez pitched one inning (ten pitches) on Sunday.
  • Alfredo Figaro was just activated from the DL