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Attanasio: "the road to redemption for Ryan will not be easy."

A letter from Mark Attanasio is the latest step in the healing process following the events of the last week.

Christian Petersen

This morning Brewers chairman and principal owner Mark Attanasio sent out an email to Brewer fans responding to the challenges of the last week and starting an effort to move forward. If you haven't already received the email, you can see it here.

I won't re-post the entire email, but it divides relatively neatly into two parts. First, there's an acknowledgement of the challenges the organization faces following Ryan Braun's recent suspension, as highlighted here:

We recognize that Ryan has many steps ahead of him to regain your trust and respect. This process will take time, and the road to redemption for Ryan will not be easy. Our responsibility as an organization is to help Ryan appreciate the difficult task ahead of him and to assist in the healing process.

The second half of the email, meanwhile, shows an attempt to move forward:

Starting this week, we will be introducing a series of initiatives to reaffirm our commitment to you and all of our fans throughout Wisconsin. We know that these initiatives are not a substitute for success on the field, and our primary mission remains to have a perennially competitive team.

The Brewers have already announced a plan to distribute $10 vouchers to every fan who attends a Miller Park game in August, and that second blockquote implies to me that more response is on the way.

As Attanasio states above, the road to redemption for this team will not be quick or simple. I'm glad to see the Brewers, though, recognizing this as an organizational issue and taking steps to move forward.