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Brewers make no moves at trade deadline

With MLB's trade deadline coming and going, the Brewers refrained from dealing any of their players.

Brian Kersey

With the 2013 MLB trade deadline coming and going, the Brewers refrained from making any deals. The only roster move the team made today was placing Yovani Gallardo on the disabled list.

Notable trade candidates such as Kyle Lohse, John Axford and Norichika Aoki received nary a rumor. Really, there was very little chat about any Brewers as trade candidates.

The lack of activity means that the Brewers' only move this year was to send Francisco Rodriguez to the Orioles for Nick Delmonico. While universally praised among Brewers fans, the fact that the Rodriguez deal was the only Brewers trade is somewhat disappointing. In fact, according to our tracking poll about 74% of you are probably disappointed by the team's lack of activity.

Of course, the fact that no Brewers were traded today does not mean that Milwaukee will not trade anyone this season. Trades are still permitted so long as the players involved pass through waivers successfully first. Aramis Ramirez has been a popular name to be a candidate for one of those types of deals.

Otherwise, it appears the Brewers will stand pat and reevaluate in the off-season. Doug Melvin has always been more of an off-season moves kind of guy, so we'll see what he cooks up then.