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Jean Segura, Carlos Gomez are All Stars

Congratulations to both players.

Tom Lynn

Jean Segura and Carlos Gomez are officially All Stars.

Both players have played a key role in the Brewers even winning 34 games as they have been arguably Milwaukee's best two hitters this season. Which, in a way, makes me question how valuable the two are this season. The Brewers are in last place guys! If you cooperated and stopped playing well, we could be leading the way for a number one draft pick!

But, really, both are incredibly deserving of the achievement and are an example of the All-Star game getting it right. They weren't voted in by fans, but Segura was the top overall vote getter on the players ballots, which is fairly significant. A trial of one's own peers. I trust the player ballot more than I do the fan ballot.

Segura will join Troy Tulowitzki and...Everth Cabrera? as shortstops on the NL squad. (looking up stats) Well huh, Everth Cabrera is playing really well this year. Segura could certainly be the starter at the position if Tulowitzki, projected to return from the DL on Thursday, does not play.

Gomez was selected by NL manager Bruce Bochy. He and Andrew McCutchen are the only center fielders on the roster, though one of Carlos Gonzalez, Bryce Harper, or Carlos Beltran will have to man the position to start the game.

This was the first All-Star selection for either player. Hopefully the first of many with the Brewers.

No Brewers made the five players in a vote-off for the roster spot. Instead, Hunter Pence, Adrian Gonzalez, Freddie Freeman, and Ian Desmond will all compete to come in second behind Yasiel Puig.