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Opening the Brew Crew Ball Suggestion Box

Do you have an idea for improving this site? If so, this is the place to share it.

Anthony Au-Yeung

While I was away on vacation last week, my break was briefly interrupted by this FanPost on the decline of Brewer blogs in general and this site specifically. If you're not interested in reading all of it, here's a quote from the critique:

But in this year and in last year, brew crew ball has really fallen off. Now it is a series of countdowns, meaningless links to videos I don't (and you shouldn't) care about, and birthdays that were already covered last year. I don't care when Darrell Hamilton's birthday is, and neither should you.

It's actually Darryl Hamilton, but that's not the point. I'm writing this post because I agree with a small portion of the above criticism: BCB has fallen off a bit.

There are a collection of reasons why that's the case, and some of them are somewhat unavoidable. The fact that the team has been somewhere between below average and awful for much of the season takes a lot of the air out of everyone's balloon. And while I haven't spent much time talking about it here, my new other commitment keeps me away from this space more than I'm used to.

Beyond that, though, there's also this: Producing fresh content about this team nearly every day for five years now hasn't always been easy. There are days where it feels like there's nothing I can say that I haven't said multiple times before, and my last original idea went out the window sometime in 2010.

So I'm interested in working (and asking BCB's great team of contributors to also work) to freshen things up a bit, but I'm asking for your help to make it happen. It's been a long time since I've openly asked for reader suggestions, but that's what I'm doing today.

The comments of this post are open, and I hope you'll use them to discuss the things you'd like to see in this space. Are there ideas you'd like to see someone pursue? Things we used to do that you wish we'd kept doing? Potentially interesting angles we've never considered? Let us know and, if we agree, we'll try to make them a part of the plan going forward.

If you're not interested in participating or unable to participate in the comments, I've also created a Google Form where you can leave your comments either anonymously or with your contact information. Thanks in advance for coming forward to join the conversation on how we can improve this space.

One last thing, though: Please limit your suggestions to ideas for new content. One of the primary complaints of the FanPost linked above appeared to be the apparent insignificance of a Today In Brewer History about Kevin Reimer. If you're reading and not enjoying our niche BCB content (be it history, minor league coverage, comedy or any other category) then your gripe isn't really with me, it's with whoever tied you to your desk chair and forced you to read it. Not everything here is relevant to all audiences, and that's ok. If we're not hitting your niche, though, let us know so we can work on it.