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Brewers 1, Reds 9: A variety of stats on Khris Davis

Because the rest of the game isn't worth talking about.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Win: Homer Bailey (8-10)
Loss: Wily Peralta (8-13)

HR: Khris Davis (6)

MVP: Scooter Gennett (.010 WPA)
LVP: Wily Peralta (-.304 WPA)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph

The Reds scored nine runs and didn't have a single extra base hit. That should tell you how fun this game was. Wily Peralta was Wily bad, allowing seven earned runs over 4.1 innings. Tyler Thornburg was bad in relief. The Brewers offense was bad, with three hits over eight innings against Homer Bailey, and a fourth hit coming in the ninth. Burke Badenhop and Michael Gonzalez were pretty good to finish the game, but whatever at that point.

Instead of talking about the vast array of bad in this game, let's focus on the incredible Khris Davis. He hit his sixth home run of the season today to keep the Brewers from being shut out. He also picked up a single to give the Brewers half of the teams' hits on the day. Here are some fun stats about him.

  • With just a handful more at-bats to qualify him for the title, Khris Davis would lead all National League hitters with his .984 OPS.
  • At his current pace, if Khris Davis received 600 plate appearances, he would hit 54 home runs! Wow!
  • At his current pace, if Khris Davis received 600 plate appearances, he would score 134 runs on the season! You have no concept!
  • At his current pace, if Khris Davis received 600 plate appearances, he would drive in 116 runs on the season! Whoa nelly!
  • Khris Davis will almost certainly hit more home runs than Ryan Braun this season. Khris Davis has not tested positive for any performance enhancing supplements and never will. Ergo, Khris Davis is on a Hall of Fame path!
  • So far, Khris Davis has hit six home runs. That is the most of a Brewers rookie since Norichika Aoki hit 10 in 2012!
  • If Khris Davis starts 30 of the Brewers remaining 38 games and received four plate appearances in each game, he could be expected to hit another 11 home runs, giving him 17 on the season! Yasiel Puig has hit eleven home runs all year long! Puig is on pace to finish with around 15 home runs! Khris Davis is better than Yasiel Puig!
  • Khris Davis is on pace to be the first Brewers rookie to finish with equal to or more home runs than Ryan Braun since the first time Ryan Braun matched Ryan Braun as a rookie in 2007!