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Gindl, Henderson, Lucroy, Segura or Thornburg: Who will be Brewer of the Week?

Wow, this is an unlikely group.

The Brewers went 4-3 this week and provided us with a list of BotW nominees I never would've predicted even a month ago.

Caleb Gindl made five starts this week and had two hits in each of them, including four doubles. He hit .476/.476/.667 and was worth +.140 WPA.

Jim Henderson recorded three saves in three appearances this week, working three scoreless innings with a single hit, two walks and five strikeouts. He was worth +.471 WPA this week.

Jonathan Lucroy had seven hits in six starts this week, including five doubles and a home run. He hit .292/.346/.625 this week and was worth +.092 WPA.

Jean Segura reached base safely in all five of his appearances this week, including a four starts. He had six hits, scored four runs and drove in four with a .400/.438/.667 line and +.346 WPA.

Tyler Thornburg pitched six scoreless innings in game two of the doubleheader Tuesday, allowing four hits and three walks while striking out six. He was worth +.366 WPA this week.

Honorable mentions this week go out to Kyle Lohse, Rob Wooten and Carlos Gomez.