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What we learned this week: August 24, 2013

This week's lessons include the improvement of Khris Davis and Scooter Gennett, the continued roster shuffling, and more news about Ryan Braun.

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Good afternoon everyone.  We're a little short on lessons today, but here's what we have.

Everyone is going crazy over Khris Davis.

If you've been anywhere around BCB over the last week, you'll know one simple thing: Everyone is going crazy over Khris Davis.  He came back up after Ryan Braun was suspended, and has been great for the Brewers ever since then.  If you haven't been around, you might be wondering why everyone seems to have a crush on him.  To explain that, let me show you his splits over the last 7, 14, and 28 days.

Last 7 days 5 5 21 18 6 3 5 .500 .571 1.056 1.627 .500 183 338
Last 14 days 9 9 35 30 9 5 9 .467 .543 1.033 1.576 .429 173 330
Last 28 days 20 14 63 55 17 7 16 .364 .429 .800 1.229 .342 114 238

One more thing to add on here.  His total fWAR for the last 30 days: 1.0 over 22 games.  His fWAR is slightly hurt because of his fielding ability, but a 1.0 fWAR over 22 games is very impressive.  Projecting that over 162 games would be around an 8.0 fWAR.  He probably wouldn't actually put that up over a full season, but even half of that would be a good season.  If he can keep that up, he would give the Brewers some very interesting choices to make next season.

Don't forget that Scooter Gennett has also been amazing.

Khris Davis has been amazing, but his performance has almost overshadowed the recent performance of Scooter Gennett.  He is also only getting a chance in the majors because of the injury to Rickie Weeks, and he has made the most of it.  Here are his splits over the last month as well:

Last 7 days 5 5 22 19 3 1 2 .421 .476 .684 1.160 .467 148 217
Last 14 days 11 10 41 37 6 3 5 .432 .475 .730 1.205 .520 155 233
Last 28 days 18 15 61 55 9 4 8 .418 .467 .727 1.194 .500 153 231

In addition, he has also equaled the performance of Khris Davis with a 1.0 fWAR over the last 30 days, covering 18 games.  Gennett has been better than Davis on the defensive side, which is contributing to his better fWAR.  However, the numbers are still very good for Gennett.  With Weeks entering the last year of his contract in 2014, Gennett could give the Brewers a very difficult choice to make in 2014.

The roster shuffling continues.

The Brewers continued their roster shuffling this week.  It started with Yovani Gallardo being activated from the DL and Donovan Hand being returned to Nashville.  Hand didn't stay down there too long, as he was recalled for one day when Rob Wooten went on the paternity list.  Wooten returned on Friday, and brought Caleb Gindl back with him, who was recalled to improve the Brewers outfield depth while a few players are dealing with injuries.  Sean Halton returned to Nashville to make room for Gindl on the roster.

We're only 8 days from September 1st now, and the day that rosters expand.  Halton and Hand could return then, along with some other players from Nashville.  Johnny Hellweg is another name that has come out as a possible sixth man in the rotation.  We'll find out exactly who is coming back once that day arrives.

The Ryan Braun news just keeps coming.

Last week, we heard reports that Ryan Braun would be issuing a statement this week.  While we were expecting it on Monday, it didn't come out.  Instead, we got a report from Buster Olney that Braun had lobbied for support during his appeal, and had make accusations of anti-Semitism from sample collector Dino Laurenzi.  Jeff Passan then followed up with a story, saying Braun had contacted certain players and was receiving a lot of backlash inside and outside of the Brewers clubhouse, though both reports were later refuted by other sources.  In fact, the general reports out of the Brewers clubhouse have been supporting of Ryan Braun.  In addition to this report, we also got a statement from Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson ripping Ryan Braun and this whole situation.

Ryan Braun's statement finally came out on Thursday evening, which contained an apology as well as an explanation of events that led to his suspension.  A shorter letter from Braun was also released a short time later.  You can read the full text of both here.  Doug Melvin responded to the statement later that day, commenting that Braun will have to satisfy himself with his statement and prove it with his actions.