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Brewers 1, Pirates 7

Marlon Byrd made a splash with a 3-run home run in his Pirates debut

Justin K. Aller

Win: Charlie Morton (6-3)
Loss: Tom Gorzelanny (3-6)

HR: Marlon Byrd (22)

MVP: Juan Francisco (.039 WPA)
LVP:  Jean Segura (-.136 WPA)

Fangraphs Win Expectancy Graph

Do you really care what happened in the game? You don't, be honest. It's a Wednesday - you're headed for a holiday weekend, your team lost and it wasn't pretty. There were runners stranded, Tom Gorzelanny was himself and the brand new Piraten acquisition put one over the fence that the talking heads think put the game out of reach (making it 7-0 instead of 4-0). Charlie Morton got his first career win against the Brewers.

Besides, you like the Pirates right now. You're on their bandwagon and it's ok. We can commiserate with their fanbase. We were them just a few years ago. They deserve this shot. That it could come at the expense of the Cardinals is just really icing on the cake (they were losing 9-0 to the Reds at the time of this writing, btw). There is no shame in Raising the Jolly Roger and cheering for the Piraten as we head into September. Take these wins with our blessing, Pittsburgh. Dave Kerwin owes you one.