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Wednesday's Community Mug

No internet in Appleton means we're doing the crowd sourcing thing today

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Hey folks, Kyle woke up this morning to find he's one of the lucky few in Appleton to have power, but he's without internet, so there will be no Frosty Mug this AM. Instead, we'll do this community-style.

If you read something good and relevant this morning, share it in the comments.

To get you started:

In case you missed it last night, Scooter Gennett was optioned back to Nashville to make room for Marco Estrada, who was activated from the DL and will start tonight's game.

Here's last night's game recap

And Morineko's Minor League notes from the morning

Here are some interesting thoughts from Joe Posnanski on who should be in the HOF

And from the "Not related to baseball, but links you should pass to your boss" files, here's a lot of research on why you should nap every day