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Brewers actually defeat Giants 6-1

See, kids? Other teams can have sudden collapses too!

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

W: Alfredo Figaro (2-3)
L: Madison Bumgarner (11-7)

HR: Khris Davis (3)

MVP: Marco Estrada (+.256 WPA)
LVP: Rickie Weeks (-.180 WPA)

win probability graph | box score

Marco Estrada went up against Madison Bumgarner tonight and it was indeed a pitching duel...even after Estrada got lifted for Alfredo Figaro after the 5th inning. Estrada was coming off a shortened rehab assignment and instead of getting his last start in at Nashville he was called into service today. He gave up 1 hit and struck out 6. Figaro gave up the first run in the game during the 7th. The run came in on an amazing sacrifice fly that Khris Davis dived to catch; if not for that the Giants would have scored more than one run.

The 8th inning was the proof that other teams can screw up defensively as well as the Brewers do. Brandon Crawford could have attempted to get an advancing Yuniesky Betancourt out at third or Khris Davis out at home; instead, he hesitated, threw to first, and Betancourt retreated to second and Jeff Bianchi went to first as Davis scored. Madison Bumgarner attempted to throw Betancourt out at third on Logan Schafer's bunt, a hard play to begin with, but the angle of the throw was off, Betancourt's leg was in the way, and Pablo Sandoval wasn't in the right position. The ball went flying and a run went scoring.

Rickie Weeks strained his hamstring during the 8th while tripping over his bat. It's that sort of season.

The final runs came off a very slumpy Barry Zito, including an amazing popup home run by Davis.

Join us tomorrow at 2:45 as Donovan Hand will do something pitchery in opposition against the Giants' Tim Lincecum in the final game of the series.