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ARCHIVED AUDIO: Kyle on The Home Stretch (Appleton)

We'll talk about the Brewer rookies making an impact and more in my weekly radio appearance.

Patrick Smith

If you've been waiting all day for an opportunity to discuss Khris Davis, Sean Halton and Caleb Gindl (and today's comment count would suggest that roughly none of you feel this way), then I've got good news: I'll be making an abbreviated appearance on The Home Stretch with Justin Hull on 95.3 FM WSCO in Appleton at 2:30 today.

I'll be in studio with Justin for about half an hour or more today taking your questions, which you can send in any of the following ways:

Listen in live or check back later for the archived audio, or listen in live and then listen to it again later.

Update: You can listen to the full 32:10 interview here.