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Today In Brewer History: Two hits, four runs, one win

The Brewer offense was a model of efficiency five years ago today.

On this day in 2008 the Brewer bats had a quiet day at Miller Park, as the team went just 2-for-24. They made those hits count, though, beating the Pirates 4-2.

Both of the Brewer hits and most of the game's scoring came in the fourth inning, when the following series of events took place:

  • Mike Cameron singled to left.
  • Bill Hall walked.
  • Ryan Braun flied out.
  • Prince Fielder singled up the middle, scoring Cameron.
  • J.J. Hardy walked.
  • Corey Hart struck out.
  • Rickie Weeks walked, scoring Hall.
  • Jason Kendall walked, scoring Fielder.
  • CC Sabathia popped out.

Those were four of the Brewers' nine walks on the day, allowing them to score enough runs to win despite barely taking the bats off their shoulders. Sabathia pitched seven innings and allowed a single run on four hits in the game, striking out eleven en route to his 16th win.

The win brought the Brewers to 87-71 on the season and tied them with the Mets in the race for the NL Wild Card.

With help from and the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to:

Today is also the second anniversary of John Axford setting a new franchise record with his 45th save in 2011 and the 14th anniversary of Astros outfielder Bill Spiers being attacked during a game at County Stadium. We covered those events in this space last year and two years ago, respectively.