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AUDIO: Kyle's Tuesday appearance on The Home Stretch

Patrick Smith

KYLE is the owner of new facial hair and the belligerent Managing Editor of Brew Crew Ball, a website covering the Milwaukee Brewers. He likes high on-base percentages, comic books and logical baseball managers.

JUSTIN is significantly taller and the host of The Home Stretch on 95.3 FM WSCO in Appleton. He likes intangibles, loud debate and truly awful reality television.

Together on Tuesdays at 2:30 (usually), they fight crime talk Brewers.

I'll be in studio with Justin for about half an hour or more today taking your questions, which you can send in any of the following ways:

Listen in live or check back later for the archived audio, or listen in live and then listen to it again later.

UPDATE: The archived audio can be heard here. This week we talked attendance, baseball economics and more.