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Today In Brewer History: The Last Brave

The Braves had been in Atlanta for decades by the time the last Milwaukee alum retired.

Jason Miller

On this day in 1987 the Giants beat the Atlanta Braves 15-6 at Fulton County Stadium. 48-year-old starting pitcher Phil Niekro pitched three innings in the game and allowed five runs on six hits, walking six and striking out none in what would be his 864th and final major league appearance.

The outing was the lone appearance in Niekro's second stint in the Braves organization: He had previously pitched in 739 games for them between 1964-83, winning 268 games and making four All Star appearances. At the time of his retirement Niekro was easily the last active member of the Braves' final teams in Milwaukee.

Niekro was later inducted into the Hall of Fame in his fifth year of eligibility in 1997.

With help from and the B-Ref Play Index, we'd like to wish a happy birthday today to:

  • 2013 Helena Brewer Jesse Weiss, who turns 23.
  • 1976 Brewer Gary Sutherland, who turns 69.
  • Bagley, Wisconsin native and UW-Madison alum Thornton Kipper, who would have turned 85. Kipper played three major league seasons as a member of the 1953-55 Phillies.

Today is also the fifth anniversary of Ben Sheets' final game as a Brewer in 2008 and the 39th anniversary of pitcher Jim Colborn pitching 13 shutout innings in the Brewers' 1-0, 17 inning loss to the Orioles in 1974. We covered those events in this space last year and two years ago, respectively.