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REMINDER: The season never ends at Brew Crew Ball

Thanks for a great 2013 season! Now let's get to work on 2014.

Mike McGinnis

As you're likely aware, the 2013 Milwaukee Brewers wrapped up the regular season with a loss to the Mets today and did not qualify for the postseason. The Brewers have played at least once almost every day since February 23, so going several months without any action on the field is going to be a pretty abrupt shift.

When I introduce myself to new people and mention that I write about the Brewers, one of their first questions is usually, "But what do you do in the offseason?" The answer is, without fail, "I continue to write about the Brewers. Every day."

The offseason for the Brewers starts tomorrow morning and will last for several months. For Brew Crew Ball, however, there is no offseason. There will still be a Frosty Mug on Monday morning, and virtually every weekday morning straight through to spring training (which, by the way, is just 138 days away). We'll break down the 2013 season in full, at times uncomfortable, detail and we'll be here for every move as the franchise makes the transition to next year. We'll also be bringing back some of your favorite past offseason series and working on some new stuff.

I know 2013 has been a tough season to be a Brewer fan, and I'd be remiss if I wrapped up this post without thanking all (both?) of you that stuck with us through all of this year's challenges. Thank you for continuing to make Brew Crew Ball what it is: One of the best places on the web to keep up to date with and discuss the Milwaukee Brewers.