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Aramis Ramirez scores his 1000th run

He's one of an elite few players to reach that mark as a Brewer.

Jonathan Daniel

With a solo home run in the third inning today, Aramis Ramirez became the 189th major league player since 1950 to score 1000 runs in his career. He's scored 222 as a Pirate, 651 as a Cub and now 127 as a Brewer.

Of the previous 188 players to score 1000 runs, 18 spent at least some time in a Brewer uniform. Ramirez, though, is only the sixth player to score their 1000th as a Brewer:

Player Season
Aramis Ramirez 2013
Mike Cameron 2009
Paul Molitor 1990
Cecil Cooper 1987
Robin Yount 1986
Ted Simmons 1985

The other former Brewers with 1000 career runs are Hank Aaron, Gary Sheffield, Dave Parker, Jim Edmonds, Ray Durham, Willie Randolph, Marquis Grissom, Carlos Lee, Devon White, Jimmy Wynn, B.J. Surhoff, Tony Fernandez and Greg Vaughn.

Aaron reached 1000 in 1963 as a Milwaukee Brave.