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2013's Longest Home Runs

Brew Crew Blasts Bonus: The Wall-Scrapers

Everyone loves the drama of a long homer, but here we're appreciating the suspense of barely clearing the fence.

Brew Crew Blasts #1: Gomez tops the charts

After weeks of buildup, today we're finally ready to reveal 2013's longest home run.

Brew Crew Blasts #2: Lucroy unloads again

Lucroy had three of the Brewers' eight longest homers in 2013, but this was the biggest one.

Brew Crew Blasts #3: Lucroy Launches

Oh hey, it's Paul Maholm again.

Brew Crew Blasts #4: Davis Destruction

Khris Davis makes his first appearance on our list of 2013's longest home runs today.

Brew Crew Blasts #5: Francisco's Fireworks

The fifth longest homer of 2013 was a blast to rival your Fourth of July celebrations.

Brew Crew Blasts #6: Ramirez reaches out

In the middle of a season to forget, Ramirez hit a home run to remember.

Brew Crew Blasts #7: Strong Weeks

Weeks turned a BP fastball into a memorable moment on May 15.

Brew Crew Blasts: An Aoki Edition

Our series on home runs takes a detour today to remember some of Norichika Aoki's best shots.

Brew Crew Blasts #8: Lucroy's encore

Jonathan Lucroy capped off one of the season's biggest days with one of its longest homers.

Brew Crew Blasts #9: The Carlos Gomez Incident

Arguably 2013's most memorable moment was also the Brewers' ninth longest home run.

Brew Crew Blasts #10: Segura, Francisco

Our look at 2013's longest home runs opens today with a pair of blasts tied for #10.