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Brew Crew Blasts Bonus: Helping his own cause

The conversation about pitchers hitting home runs at Miller Park this season begins and ends with one name.

Tom Lynn

Sometimes a club is so exclusive it gets lonely.

The Milwaukee Brewers played 162 games this season, including 152 where the DH rule was not in effect. All told, 14 Brewers pitchers and 104 opposing pitchers came to the plate in Milwaukee's games this season. Here is a list of the pitchers who hit home runs:

Pitcher Home Runs
Yovani Gallardo 2

That's it. Yovani Gallardo is the only pitcher who homered in a Brewers game in 2013. Here's a look at the two moments.

April 18 v Matt Cain (Giants), 381 feet

Gallardo was the second of three Brewers to homer off the three-time All Star in this game, and his two-run shot gave the Brewers a 5-0 lead (nevermind the mistake on the FS Wisconsin graphic):

April 29 v Wandy Rodriguez (Pirates), 387 feet

The Brewers tagged Rodriguez with the worst outing of his injury-abbreviated 2013 season on this day, as he allowed three of the Crew's five homers. This fourth inning blast by Gallardo was actually the shortest of the group:

That was Gallardo's 12th career home run, tying him for the 31st most by a pitcher in MLB history. He's homered about once every 34 plate appearances for his career, which is pretty remarkable for a pitcher. Here are some all-time great Brewers who homered less frequently:

Player PA HR PA/HR
Robin Yount 12249 251 48.8
Paul Molitor 8443 160 52.8
Don Money 4901 134 36.6
Jeff Cirillo 3727 73 51
Dave May 2798 69 40.6