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Matt Garza signing: Brewers and pitcher have agreement

Garza's agent wasn't shopping his player elsewhere, the deal didn't fall through. The Brewers and Garza just needed to work out some language in the contract.

Ronald Martinez

Further update: Adam McCalvy has a little extra on Garza's contract details. There is a vesting option for a fifth year.

UPDATE: Brewers and Garza officially have an agreement.

Original: The Milwaukee Brewers reported four-year, $52 million deal with Matt Garza should be completed within 48 hours, reports Jim Bowden of ESPN.

Nex Balelo, Garza's agent, also texted Bowden with the following statement: "Matt's patience throughout the process has been unbelievable. Every decision this off-season was made with a lot of thought and due diligence. Matt is going to land in a spot he feels is the best fit for hime and his family."

The Brewers appear pretty adamant that the delay in completing the deal is not due to any health concerns. Rather, the two sides just had certain language and clauses that needed to be worked out in the contract before anything could be announced.

So for now, the deal is basically complete without actually being complete. Everyone thinks it will be done soon. Balelo's statement sure sounds like the decision has been made, the Brewers sound like it's a done deal, beat reporters, national reporters...even Ryan Braun thinks Garza is as good as signed:

Garza's going to be a Brewer next season. It's just a matter of working out a few things. He may already have signed his contract, but the team hasn't announced it. Regardless, any fears that the deal has fallen through can likely be alleviated.