Congratulations and thanks to our most active community members!

Good morning folks,

This morning I received an email from Vox Media management looking at our most active community members in 2013. It presents a golden opportunity to thank all of you for the energy and conversation you bring to this space.

Once again in 2013 Yar Nivek leads the way with 5110 comments, an average of 14 per day for a full calendar year. He's posted over 18,000 comments on this site since joining in 2009, and at least 25% of them have had nothing to do with The Simpsons or Futurama. He also put a lot of time into maintaining our meme and inside joke list.

Second on this year's list is nullacct, who commented 4334 times, provided countless photoshops which we've come to rely on and also led the community with 31 FanPosts, largely fueled by his new "Face of the Franchise" series. The site would not be the same without the efforts of these two commenters. The two of them combined for nearly 9500 comments in 2014, while no other single community member had more than 2700.

Here's the full top ten, and to everyone on it (and to those who fell just short), thank you so much for your commitment to BCB. This hasn't been the easiest year to be a Brewers fan, but thank you for sticking with this site and this team.

  1. Yar Nivek, 5110 comments
  2. nullacct, 4334 comments
  3. sjlee, 2668 comments
  4. aaronetc, 2600 comments
  5. chris33, 2228 comments
  6. molitorfan, 2215 comments
  7. ecocd, 1996 comments
  8. cwolf20, 1995 comments
  9. drezdn, 1884 comments
  10. Ted Simmons Speed Camp, 1761 comments