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BREAKING: Bob Uecker to reduce broadcast schedule

Uecker, who is 79, will skip some Brewers road trips this season.


For decades across Wisconsin Bob Uecker has been the voice of summer, enduring the grind of 162 games over six months and the accompanying travel challenges. Today he announced he'll be cutting back on that commitment a bit in 2014.

This morning Uecker announced on WTMJ that he'll reduce his 2014 schedule, calling all 81 home games but only going along on select road trips. This is somewhat similar to the arrangement the Dodgers have with Vin Scully. The definition of "select road trips" also appears to be fluid, as Uecker said he'll want to be with the team down the stretch on the road if the Brewers get hot.

Uecker's B-Ref page says he turned 79 on Sunday, although at Brewers On Deck he insisted he was turning 80. He took some time away from the team following heart surgery in 2010, but his health does not appear to be the issue here: Greg Matzek of WTMJ says there's "no cause for alarm."

In 2010 the Brewers filled in for Uecker by having then-partner Cory Provus call all nine innings with Davey Nelson joining him in the booth. At this point we haven't heard what the Brewers are planning for Uecker's absences in 2014.