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What we learned this week: January 4, 2014

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This weeks lessons include more waiting on free agency and some more goodbyes to end 2013.

Adam Bettcher

We are still waiting for something to happen in free agency.

The Brewers are the only team in MLB that hasn't signed a free agent.  In fact, it has been about a month since the last major move that the Brewers made (the Norichika Aoki trade).  It has even been scarce on the rumor market lately, though it has been quiet overall with the holidays around.  We did get one rumor this week.  There is some interest from the Brewers in another return for Francisco Rodriguez.  The Brewers are looking for a little bullpen help, and Rodriguez did help the team last season.  He could help the team again, but it's not exactly the exciting move that we were all waiting for.

The other option the Brewers have for making moves is within the organization.  Noah pointed out that the Brewers have signed a player to an extension each offseason the last few seasons, and considered who the Brewers could extend next.  While there isn't a definite candidate for who to sign next, there are some possibilities.  At this point, we're just in wait and see mode.

We finished up 2013 with some more goodbyes.

As the year came to a close, we said goodbye to some people and another facility.  To finish the year on BCB, Kyle recapped all of the former Milwaukee players that passed away this year.  Eleven players passed away in 2013, and this is a good way to catch up on those events.  Meanwhile, another facility closed down to end the year as the Metrodome hosted its final professional sports event.  The Brewers had played against the Twins there for several years, first as part of the American League and then in yearly interleague games.  Not many people are going to miss the facility, though it will take a little more history with it when it's gone.

Other Notes

- The first story on BCB of 2014 was celebrating Jeff Suppan's birthday.  In related news, Suppan retired this week after 17 seasons in baseball.
- Fake Teams profiled the Brewers minor leagues to provide information for fantasy baseball players heading into 2014.
- Looking back to the week of 12/22, morinek0 has a review of different players' performance in the winter leagues.

Highlights From the FanPosts

- The Face of the Franchise series continued with nullacct's look at the 1990 season.
- We got a different perspective on franchise pitching from nullacct, who put together a visual representation of franchise pitching.
- In BCB community discussion, we got a review of the memes used around BCB from Yar Nivek.
- Yar Nivek also has an idea for BCB user Sporcle quiz.
- Kyle also added to the community discussion with the top ten members of 2013 by comments.

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