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What we learned: October 1, 2014

Today's lessons include the second base platoon, more on Ron Roenicke's future, and the start of the MLB Postseason.

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The Brewers second base platoon was one of the better second base situations in all of MLB.

Platoons are put together to take two players, each with a glaring weakness, and play each of them in situations where that weakness is minimized. This season, the Brewers did that at second base with Scooter Gennett and Rickie Weeks. The results were very good, as the two of them combined to put together one of the best situations at second base in the league. Derek notes that the two combined were 11th in fWAR and 4th offensively out of all 30 MLB teams. With Rickie Weeks leaving this offseason, it's up in the air as to what could happen for next season. We could see Gennett at second base full time, or a new platoon could form. Whatever it is, hopefully it can repeat the success of this platoon from this season.

Cram Session

NL Central Notes

Postseason Notes

Yesterday's Games

  • AL Wild Card Game: Royals 9, Athletics 8 (12 Innings)
    Royals advance to ALDS.

Today's Games

  • NL Wild Card Game: Giants @ Pirates - 7:00 pm
    Starting Pitchers: Madison Bumgarner vs. Edinson Volquez

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