The last Brewers lineup that got hit by 0 pitches in 2014

This might make even less sense that what I normally come up with, have you ever wondered how far back you have to go in Brewers box scores to find one where nobody in the Brewers starting lineup got hit by any pitches in 2014? Well - here's the answer.

On June 6, 2005, the Brewers played the Yankees with this starting lineup:
Brady Clark - CF
Jeff Cirillo - 3B
Geoff Jenkins - RF
Carlos Lee - LF
Bill Hall - SS
Wes Helms - 1B
Junior Spivey - 2B
Chad Moeller - C
Doug Davis - P

None of those guys got hit by a pitch in 2014, and every other Brewers game since then has had at least one starter who got hit sometime this season. Actually, none of those guys played this year, and that game is also the most recent one with no 2014 actives.

The most distantly past Brewers game with a starter who got hit by a pitch in 2014 was September 20, 2003, which was Rickie Weeks' first start. He was the only Brewers starter in that game with a plunked this year.