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What we learned: October 10, 2014

Today's lessons include a preliminary payroll look, the bottom of the rotation, and more.

Tom Lynn

Payroll could be a little tough when looking at free agency.

Despite all of the players leaving the Brewers now, there's still a good core returning next season. With that core, the Brewers will have to make some additions to fill the holes that will be on the roster for 2015. Derek broke down the current situation yesterday, looking at how things will occur based on current contract situations. His projections put the team at around $86 million, with about $17 million to spend to fill holes at first base, third base, and a bullpen slot. It doesn't sound like much, especially considering what free agents are getting for contracts now. We will have to see how the Brewers decide to utilize that money.

The Brewers got some good production from the "bottom" of the pitching rotation.

The Brewers only needed seven starting pitchers this year, which is a big improvement over the revolving door they had in the rotation in 2013. Not only that, but the starters they had were productive, and it was especially good to see from the bottom of the rotation. Jordan went through the bottom half of the rotation yesterday, comparing his preseason expectations to what they actually did. Though Marco Estrada struggled as a starter, the others had some positives to take away. Wily Peralta was one of the better starting pitchers this year, and Mike Fiers had a resurgence in his time in the rotation. Jimmy Nelson didn't fare as well, but showed some good promise for the future. A good rotation is key to competing, and the performance of it this year provides optimism for 2015.

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Today's Games

  • AL Championship Series Game 1 - 7:00 pm, TBS
    Royals (James Shields) @ Orioles (Chris Tillman)
    Series Tied 0-0

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