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What we learned: October 15, 2014

Today's lessons include the black hole of first base, the downward trend of run scoring, and more.

David Banks

First base has been a very problematic position for the Brewers.

Ever since Prince Fielder left the Brewers in free agency following the 2011 season, the Brewers have struggled to find consistent production from the first base position. Despite many different options, nothing has managed to work there long term, and it has created a hole in the Brewers lineup in terms of production. Noah took a two-part look at this yesterday, starting with the recent history of the position for the Brewers. Basically, it's been bad, though it's partially been because there hasn't been a search to find someone strong to fill the position. It brings the Brewers to this offseason, where they will have to make a decision on what to do with the position for 2015. There are a couple of free agents that could help, or they could try to fill the position internally. We've had no indication of what the Brewers want to do yet, and with the end of the World Series at least a couple of weeks away, the Brewers have time to figure out a strategy. What's clear is that the Brewers can't sustain such a big hole in the lineup for so many years.

Cram Session

Postseason Update

Yesterday's Games

  • NL Championship Series Game 3
    Giants 5, Cardinals 4 (10 Innings)
    Giants Lead Series 2-1
  • AL Championship Series Game 3
    Royals 2, Orioles 1
    Royals Lead Series 3-0

Today's Games

  • AL Championship Series Game 4 - 3:00 pm, TBS
    Orioles (Miguel Gonzalez) @ Royals (Jason Vargas)
    Royals Lead Series 3-0
  • NL Championship Series Game 4 - 7:00 pm, Fox Sports 1
    Cardinals (Shelby Miller) @ Giants (Ryan Vogelsong)
    Giants Lead Series 2-1

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