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Brewers send interesting survey to fans; ask for opinions on team's direction

The Brewers are asking you for your opinions on where the organization is heading.

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Earlier today, the Brewers sent out a survey to their fans via email (h/t Kyle). I'm not sure exactly how they chose the fans who got the survey -- I didn't get it until Kyle forwarded it over to me. But the questions the team asks are interesting.

The survey starts off pretty basic: Demographic info, how long you've been a Brewers fan, how important the Brewers are to you, how many games you've been to and have watched, how many games you plan on going to and watching next year, how often you read news about the team...most of what you would expect. I do like that they ask if you are a REAL fan of the team, though:


After all that general stuff, things start to get a little juicy:


After the Brewers late-season collapse, it would be interesting to know how people feel about this. I guess I would say somewhat favorable and right direction, personally.


Oh-ho-ho, now we're getting somewhere. Are the Brewers trying to figure out what's most important to keeping fans happy and hopeful? I'm a little confused by this, too. Are they asking what would make you feel most optimistic if these things were high-end, or are they asking what, in their current state, makes you most optimistic about the team's chances to win? If the former, I would say overall talent and strong draft/trades/signings with consideration to owner's willingness to spend. If the latter, I'd say...I don't know...I guess owner's willingness to invest and commitment to continuous improvement. I think they're asking for the latter.


If I'm being honest here, I'm going to say very unlikely. The Cardinals are the Cardinals, the Pirates and Cubs are getting better, the Reds aren't terrible. The rest of the NL is getting better, too. The Marlins, Mets...the Dodgers have plenty of money to play with. It's not that the Brewers can't make the World Series, it's just hard to believe they will.


It doesn't always feel this way given the long winning streak, but if we're talking pre-season expectations, I think the Brewers met mine overall.


That's tricky. I want to say both, really. I'd say the latter but it's more of an "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed" kind of thing.

And a little mad.

gm mab

Are...uhh...are the Brewers asking fans if they should fire people? I mean, I've been around comments sections and heard the talk shows and I think I can guess which answer is going to be most given in this case. Not gonna lie, these answers sound phrased to make the first one more appealing. Like, giving the illusion of choice while telling you why you should be OK with Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke sticking around.


All of the above?


Can I say disagree on both? I mean, context matters here too. What player would they acquire? Is it a rental? If it's not a rental, I'm way more willing to trade prospects a la the Zack Greinke trade. The Brewers would have been improved if they acquired a first baseman, but I wouldn't want Justin Morneau at the cost of Jimmy Nelson.


I guess I'd say the people who are actually playing.


First highest priority, for me, is developing prospects. Second most is keeping those prospects. Outside help should only come to fill in gaps that come from that, not as the priority for filling holes.


This comes down to what you think a manager can control. I think keeping most of those except conditioning are pretty well in the job description.


Most compelling? The second or third. Most honest? Probably the first.


Most compelling? The first or second. Most honest? Probably the third.


Oh god they're talking about the 'unwritten rules'. Don't become the Cardinals, Brewers.

'Now let's talk about Ron Roenicke':


I'm almost a little disappointed the Brewers didn't send this out before announcing Roenicke would return. Instead of feeling like we were playing with a man's livelihood, now I just feel like we're changing his job description. Also, there's a difference between respect and appreciate. I may respect his integrity, but that doesn't mean I appreciate him sticking to the bunting game nonstop.


No overall opinion of Doug Melvin?

The rest of the quiz is about experience at Miller Park. Food and beverage and mascots.

All in all, this quiz mostly just makes me wonder whether it means anything. Asking their fans opinions on how the team is set-up, management, strategy moving forward is find and good, but is it only meant to make us feel like our voices are being heard? Or are our voices actually being heard?

This quiz seems pretty in-line with how the team want's to do a full evaluation of the franchise this offseason, but all the major changes that are going to happen already have. And I think most fans feel like they know what the team should be doing, but there's a reason the guys who are running the teams are in that position and not us. That's not to say we, as fans, don't know what we're talking about. Just that we aren't and shouldn't be the deciding factor in key organizational philosophies regarding personnel.

Either way, it's an interesting thing. What would your answers be?