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What we learned: October 16, 2014

Today's lessons include overpaying players, revisiting the firing of Ned Yost, and more.

Joe Robbins

There are situations where overpaying a player is okay.

As contract prices have gone up year by year, there has been more of a focus on getting maximum value out of every contract. Overpaying a player is seen as a problem, because it means that the money isn't being used in a proper way. However, overpaying a player may not be the worst thing to do, especially when it fills a need. Derek visited this idea in relation to first base yesterday, specifically in the case of Adam LaRoche. The first base position has been a massive issue for the Brewers in the last few years, and has become very evident with the options that the Brewers are using. In this case, overpaying a player may be the right move, especially if all of the other options are in bad shape. It may not be an ideal move, but paying a little more for a player can be a good idea if it strengthens the team enough.

Despite Ned Yost leading the Royals to the World Series, he's not that good of a manager.

In Milwaukee, there's a lot of unhappiness building in regards to Ron Roenicke as manager of the Brewers. Some people think he should have been fired after the season. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, former manager Ned Yost has the Royals in the World Series. Naturally, this has led some people to think that firing Ned Yost was a bad idea. However, Jordan has a reminder that Ned Yost is not a good manager, just a manager with a good team. Looking at the Royals team, it was built in a way that Ned Yost couldn't screw it up. The team covers up Yost's flaws by allowing his decisions to be good ones because of the results. As tough as it is to watch him manage in the World Series, it's important to stay positive that the Brewers will get there, and do it their own way.

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Other Notes

Postseason Update

Yesterday's Games

  • AL Championship Series Game 4
    Royals 2, Orioles 1
    Royals Win Series 4-0
  • NL Championship Series Game 4
    Giants 6, Cardinals 4
    Giants Lead Series 3-1

Today's Games

  • NL Championship Series Game 5
    Cardinals (Adam Wainwright) @ Giants (Madison Bumgarner)
    Giants Lead Series 3-1

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