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Watch the Glendale Desert Dogs tonight!

The Giants and Cardinals game isn't the only live baseball tonight. If you're lucky you might be able to see some Brewers prospects in action.

Christian Petersen

The Arizona Fall League is in it's second week of action and the Glendale Desert Dogs are tied for first place in their division. Tonight you have the opportunity to watch them in action. That means you can watch any of the Brewers prospects that get into the game.

Among the more interesting Brewers prospects participating in this year's AFL are top prospect Tyrone Taylor, Nick Ramirez, Clint Coulter, Ty Wagner, and Wei-Chung Wang. Of course, not all of these players are guaranteed to see any playing time tonight.

Clint Coulter is on the taxi squad so he can only play on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He actually did play right field in his first game last night. He hit a 2-run home run in his first at-bat, by the way. There were actually quite a few Brewers in last night's game. Shawn Zarraga (also on the taxi squad), Tyrone Taylor, and Hector Gomez joined Coulter. Michael Strong was the only Brewers pitcher to throw last night so it seems like there's a good chance one of them will get into the game.

Tonight's game starts at 8:35 pm CT. The Desert Dogs will be facing the Salt River Rafters who lead their division. You can see the game here. The new experimental rules will be on display which is part of the reason the stream will be available to fans everywhere.

One of the new rules in use is the 20-second pitch clock. If a pitcher takes more than the allotted 20 seconds, then an automatic ball is called. The pitch clock debuted on Tuesday and that game took only 2 hours and 14 minutes to complete. There is also a clock between innings that may not exceed 2 minutes 5 seconds. In addition to those clocks, teams are allowed only 3 "time out" mound visits and batters must keep one foot in the batter's box during at-bats.

There will be 5 more games streamed live this AFL season, but none of them feature the Glendale Desert Dogs. So if you're at all interested in checking them out, this is your only chance. We just have to hope some Brewers prospects play tonight.