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MVBrewers: Vote for #1

Our yearly offseason series is back, and it's time to vote for who you think was the most valuable Brewer of 2014.

The yearly offseason series is back. It's time to go through the Brewers and come up with the BCB list of the best Brewers of 2014. It's going to be very similar (if not the same) to previous years. Starting today, you'll get a poll with five choices to vote for. Voting will close at noon on the next day (or Monday if it's on a Friday), and the profile for the player you voted for will be released at 1 pm. Then, at 2 pm, the next poll will come out, and we'll repeat it all again.

We will have ten votes for the top ten, then a list of honorable mentions, followed by any remaining players. The first five votes will have five players, and the last five votes will have ten.

Let's get this started with the vote for the Most Valuable Brewer. Your five choices are below. Who do you think was the most valuable Brewer in 2014? Vote and then discuss in the comments. Poll closes at noon on Monday.