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What we learned: October 2, 2014

Today's lessons include the first-base platoon, the players' appreciation, and the potential retirement of a Brewer.

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Mike Zarrilli

The Brewers first-base platoon ended up being a bad idea.

While the second base platoon for the Brewers ended up working well, the first base platoon was a different story. Mark Reynolds and Lyle Overbay both struggled to produce, creating a situation that left a gaping hole in the offense. Derek looked back at the platoon yesterday, analyzing what went well and what went wrong with it. The Brewers have been scrambling to find another option at first base since Prince Fielder left after the 2011 season. They are still looking now, and there's no telling how much longer it will be until they find their answer.

Cram Session

NL Central Update

Division Update

Yesterday's Games

  • NL Wild Card Game: Giants 8, Pirates 0
    Giants advance to NLDS.

Today's Games

  • AL Division Series - Game 1
    Tigers @ Orioles - 4:30 pm, TBS
    Series Tied 0-0
  • AL Division Series - Game 1
    Royals @ Angels - 8:00 pm, TBS
    Series Tied 0-0

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