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What we learned: October 23, 2014

Today's lessons include bullpen help, the #3 ranking in the MVBrewers series, and more.

Harry How

The Brewers need bullpen help to compete in 2015.

It's the same story that we hear every offseason: The team needs help in the bullpen. It's generally a universal truth around baseball, there's very few teams that are completely secure in the performance of their bullpen. The Brewers are no exception to this, and considering how the Royals bullpen is performing, it makes the need more apparent. Yesterday, Noah looked at the bullpen situation entering 2015 and what the Brewers should do this offseason. Finding bullpen help is never easy, and proven help usually costs the most. However, the Brewers have managed to get something out of nothing in the past, so you have to think that there are options out there.

Cram Session

NL Central Update

Postseason Update

Yesterday's Games

  • World Series Game 2
    Royals 7, Giants 2
    Series Tied 1-1

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