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MVBrewers: Vote for #6

In the closest vote ever, Yovani Gallardo took the #5 spot. Now the poll opens to ten players as the vote for #6 begins.

After what happened with the #5 vote, there are no more excuses for not voting. It was the closest vote in MVBrewers history, with Yovani Gallardo only taking the spot by one vote over Francisco Rodriguez and two votes over Mike Fiers. Here are the standings so far:

#1: Jonathan Lucroy
#2: Carlos Gomez
#3: Wily Peralta
#4: Kyle Lohse
#5: Yovani Gallardo

The poll now increases to ten players. Joining the ranks now are four position players (Braun, Davis, Gennett, Weeks) and two pitchers (Duke, Smith). Out of these ten, who do you think is the sixth most valuable Brewer? Will this change your votes at all, or will it now come down to a competition between Fiers and Rodriguez? Voting is open now and closes on Monday.