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What we learned: October 27, 2014

Today's lessons include a Gold Glove "snub", #5 in the MVBrewers series, and much more.

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Tom Lynn

Carlos Gomez was not snubbed for the Gold Glove award (but may have been snubbed from the top 3).

When the Gold Glove award finalists were announced on Thursday, we were shocked to see that Carlos Gomez was not listed among the top 3 candidates in center field. It seemed like a snub to the center fielder who won the Gold Glove last year. However, Noah argued on Friday that it's not the snub we think it is. Looking at the numbers for Gomez, this was not his best season. It was a step back from his Gold Glove season last year, and there are better candidates out there. However, Noah also notes that he should have still been a top 3 candidate, at least ahead of one of the other candidates. That is where you can argue that Gomez got snubbed this year.

Cram Session

Postseason Update

This Weekend's Games

  • World Series Game 3
    Royals 3, Giants 2
  • World Series Game 4
    Giants 11, Royals 4
  • World Series Game 5
    Giants 5, Royals 0
    Giants Lead Series 3-2

News & Notes

NL Central Update